What is the difference between remote computer and local computer

What is the difference between remote computer and local computer

A local computer is the machine you are currently logged into, a remote computer is a computer you are accessing from your local computer.

So, if I connect to my home computer from work, my home computer is the remote computer, and my work computer is the local.

Conversely, if I connect to my work computer from home, my work computer is the remote computer, 프리서버 and my home computer is the local.

What is difference between local and remote printer?

computer printers

What is the difference local applet and remote applet?

A LOCAL applet is the one which is stored on our computer system.when browser try to access the applet, it is not necessary for our computer to be connected to The Internet. A REMOTE applet is the one which is not stored on our computer system and we are required to be connected to the Internet. PARITOSH Khanna Happy Programing

What is difference between Remote Assitance and Remote desktop?

remote desktop allows only one user either local user or expert user., remote desktop assistance allows both the novice and expert.

Copying a file from a remote computer to a local computer is called?


What is the difference between local and foreign address?

local address: address that a computer can never understand foreign address: that which a computer can always understand very well

What is the difference between a local application and a network application?

A local application is stored on a computer for use on that computer. A network application is stored on the server/host computer for use on all computers on that network and by all users Local applications are stored on the local hard disk and they run on the computer where they are installed.

What the difference between a local user profile and a roaming user profile?

a mandatory A local user profile is stored on the computer to which the user logs on.

What is Coping files from a remote computer to a local computer called?

copying files over a network?

Can a network application be loaded in a local computer and be accessed from a remote computer?

An application which is running on a local machine may listen on network ports for connections from remote machines. The machine may have firewall software, and the network may have firewall hardware, intended to prevent remote machines from being able to connect, so the answer is yes and no. Assuming you can run the program on the local machine and it is able to listen on an appropriate port, and the remote computer knows how…

What are the difference between local loop back testing and remote loop back testing?

The only difference is the relative location of the device that is in loopback mode. Local loopback testing is when your device is set to send back everything it receives to the sender, aka loopback mode. Remote loopback testing is when your device orders a foreign device to enter loopback mode.

What is an SCP stand for computers?

An SCP protocol is when transferring files between the local computer and the remote computer. SCP stands for secure copy. This is used to ensure authenticity and reliability of sending confidential data.

What is the difference between a local and web application?

A local application is loaded from the local physical memory (it’s stored in the Hard Drive), while a web application is loaded from a server (a remote machine) through the Internet. Both types use resources of the local RAM memory, but the difference lies on the storage and access to the application.

What two pieces of information are necessary for TCPIP communication on the local network?

A local IP address (your computer) and a remote IP address (the destination computer).

What purpose would WinSCP serve for a computer programmer?

WinSCP, an FTP client, serves a computer programmer by permitting secure file transfer between a local host and remote computer. It a a free, open-source FTP file manager.

What is the main difference between a standalone computer and a computer networked via a LAN?

A standalone computer is not connected to any other computer and the networked computer is connected to other computers via a Local Area Network.

Difference between Network OS and Distributed OS with examples?

Network Os provides an environment in which users, who are aware of multiplicity of machines can access remote rwsources by either logging in to remote machine or transferring data from remote machine. But in DOS, the users access remote resources in the same way they access local resources.

How do children in remote areas get there education?

computer teachers, home schooling, and local schools

What does it mean to transfer from the web server to your computer?

In a single word: “Download”. This means that something on a remote computer will be transferred (copied/downloaded…) to your local computer.

What Application means one computer the remote computer is running the Telnet component and 리니지프리섭 another computer the local computer runs the Telnet component?

client/server application

The process of sending a file from a local computer to a remote computer is called?

I believe the term you are looking for is uploading but I’m not 100% sure

What is the difference between local printer and network printer?

A local printer is connected directly to a computer, either by wifi or cable. A network printer is connected to a home or business network and can be used by any computer connected to the home or business network.

Function of subnet mask?

A subnet mask sends messages to the computer. Its main function is to let the computer know which addresses are remote, and which are local.

What is the process of downloading?

Downloading is the process of bringing a file or 리니지프리서버 구축 files from a remote computer onto a local one.

What is the difference between a local and wireless router?

There is no difference.

What is Remote desktop connection?

remote desktop connection is use to any access the system or user of u r local or wide network. = Using Windows Remote Desktop Connection = It allows you to connect to another computer remotely either over a network or over the internet. When you are connected to the remote computer you are actually controlling it and seeing the remote computer’s desktop etc.

Which local group can you use to grant permissions to view event logs on a remote computer?

Event log managers

What is the difference between local government and local self government?

The difference between local government and local self government is that local government has a more limited scope of power. Local self government is able to make more decisions.

What is the difference between a local shop and a supermarket?

a local shop is smaller

What is the difference between Office Outlook 2003 and Outlook web access?

outlook 2003 is the client that you access your mail from. outlook web access is just a web application that allows you to see your mail online. outlook client has many more features and allows you to store objects on your local computer whereas outlook web access is showing you the contents of a mailbox on a remote server

What is the difference between branch accounting and inter company accounting?

what is the difference between the branch and the local company

What is the difference between Local Bridge and Remote Bridge?

Local bridges are ties between two nodes in a social graph that are the shortest (and often the only plausible) route by which information might travel from those connected to one to those connected to the other. [2] Local bridges differ from regular bridges in that the end points of the local bridge cannot have a tie directly between them and should not share any common neighbors. never found any answers in answers. sucks

What are the types of communication in computer network?

May be it is local communication and remote communication but dont forget to reply me that it is right or wrong: – Jagruti

What is the difference between crystal and local oscillator?

A local oscillator can be a crystal oscillator.

What does the word download mean in computer terms?

In computer networks, to download means to receive data to a local system from a remote system. More information here in the related links section

What is the difference between network and 리니지프리서버 커뮤니티 internet?

Answer The difference between the two is that internet is the world wide web and network is local.

What is the difference between public and private IP address?

public ip-addresses are used in the Internet (they are registered addresses). private ip-addresses are used in local networks. imagine you have a computer in your local network that has a public ip-address and your PC has simultaneously an Internet connection: if you try to ping this pc you wouldn’t be able to tell which computer is replying, the local one or the webserver.

What is the difference between global and local variable?

Their scope.

What is a network application?

A network application has two components, one that runs on the local computer and one that runs on a remote computer. E-mail and surfing the internet are a common example of a network application.

What is the time difference between Singapore and Adelaide?

Difference in local time in Adelaide and Singapore

How do you control laptops on wireless router?

First and foremost, the computer must be part of a network in which Remote Desktop connections are permitted. Next, the computer must also have the Remote Desktop Connection client software installed. Make sure your firewall will make exceptions for the traffic between the computers if it already does not. Have the Internet Protocol address of the host computer. (write down the IP if needed) Make sure the other computer is still running and connected to…

What is the different between us beef and local beef?

The difference between US beef and local beef is that the local beef is a bit fresher. The local beef is better for the environment and local economy as well.

What is the difference between a desktop and a mainframe?

The desktop computer can act for one or a muti storage of networks with a limit, the mainframe can act as a area for hundreds or thousands of networks to connect to a internet or local intranet.

What are the benefits of Remote computer support. Suggest some Remote support and assistance service provider?

Remote computer support service reduces the cost of local IT support, makes the troubleshooting available on demand and at the same time proactively manage your IT resources for trouble spots and threats. And all this while you are sitting in your home or office as the support is provided remotely and at fixed monthly subscriptions. For more information visit Real Time Data Services website

What is downloading and uploading file?

When you down load a file you are transferring information from a remote location or computer onto your local drive. When you upload a file you are sending information from your own drive to that of a foreign drive or computer.

What is the difference between local and continental delicacies?

Continental delicacies are from other countries. Local delicacies are produced from your local area.

Difference between international trade and local trade?

International trade is trade between people or businesses in different countries. Local trade is trade between businesses and individuals in the same local area.

Difference between global variables and local variables?

Their scope.

What is the difference between auto variable and local variable?

They are the same.

How do you program a remote key fob for a 1995 riviera?

take it to your local buick dealership and they hook up a computer to it on the drivers side underneath the steering wheel

What is the difference between national and local policy?

national = the whole country local = county or city/town


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