The Boons of a King-Sized Bed

The Boons of a King-Sized Bed

\ud55c\uac8c\uc784 - \uc704\ud0a4\ubc31\uacfc, \uc6b0\ub9ac \ubaa8\ub450\uc758 \ubc31\uacfc\uc0ac\uc804Let’s face it, the biggest problem that one can have with a king size bed resting in their bedroom is its enormous size. It’s like trying to fit a Death Star on our Moon. You’re not left with enough space, and what is left is good enough for a single person to maneuver themselves around, preferably while getting out of bed or while accessing something in a nearby armoire. But, if you do happen to have a big bedroom, or if you can somehow put up with the phantom menace of a king size bed, there are a lot of benefits of having one.

The first thing, which should be mentioned honorably before listing anything, is the size. Yeah, it’s impressive, and that’s why we call it a king size bed. Put a mattress of the right size, and you have enough space to rule over, spread out and relax like an emperor. Don’t be drawn to the dark side, though. If you somehow manage to dirty the mattress, you’ll have to answer to the reckoning force of your spouse. Still, the size is impressive, and that is the driving point. You get a lot of room to have two adults and one child sleeping sound. That’s a big bonus for any new household planning to have kids, or already having toddlers. You don’t want them to be out of sight, do you?

Now that the elephant in the room has been addressed, figuratively of course, let’s see what boons a king size bed brings you in your household:

Mighty Good Haunt: Considering the fact that you have a large bedroom, enough to not feel threatened by the size of a king size bed, having one can become a great haunt for you. For anyone that stays behind at home during the day, having a wall-mounted TV, or 바둑이사이트 a whole movie theatre-like system present in the master bedroom can be very rewarding, because watching movies or TV shows while you are comfortable on a bed, which has enough room to lay out snacks or your own body, is a big bonus. Make sure you do have coasters and table mats present at hand, because dirtying the sheets and the mattress can end your liquid luck.

A Sick Gamer’s Paradise: Now, this is an out-of-the-box suggestion, but for those gamers out there who fall sick just by a meek gust of wind, having spent their days in minimally lit rooms or basements playing video games, a king size bed can be an excellent place to be used as your makeshift gaming recluse. If you have a television in the bedroom, you can hook up your consoles and comfortably shoot or hack n’ slash your way through captivating titles, without having to stress your body. During winters, this can be a boon, for you can keep yourself warm under covers. And we all know that Winter Always Comes, even if it takes a long time.

The Family Platform: A living room might have been your family’s haunt since the beginning of time, but nothing beats the comfort of a bedroom having a king size bed. Everyone can easily plop themselves up on a bed, keep some snacks in the headboard compartments, if you happen to have a king size bed with storage in the form of headboards, and enjoy a lovely board game, whether it is monopoly, or snake-and-ladder, or perhaps build something from LEGO blocks. You can even recreate your own Mos Eisley’s cantina scene, with lively music and everyone playing cards. If anyone does have a blaster, remember, Han shot first.

Solo Reader’s Nook: Reading, for bibliophiles, is the first religion. Books are their bibles. And they need a proper place, where they are comfortable and are enjoying reading to the fullest. When you have a king size bed at home, you can buckle up with cushions surrounding you, and have your current read at hand. Open the windows, let the light come in, because Darker environments can have adverse effects on your eyesight. Get a lovely cup of coffee, with a pinch of cinnamon, and you’re set for life, or for the period that you want to read. If it’s cloudy, with a hint of petrichor, then it can’t get any better.

That seems to be it. Remember that owning a king size bed requires you to have a room which can properly accommodate it. If space is not a matter of concern, then you’re all set to have a fun time. Shop for king size bed online, and see what’s in store for you on the cyberspace.

The author of this article is a big-time geek and a nerd, who happens to have a commanding presence on video games and cult-classic movies. His expertise in crafting stories, whether prose or poem, 적토마게임 gives him an edge in writing for various fields, including out-of-the-box uses of furniture like beautiful and 바둑이사이트 durable king size beds etc. Through Wooden Street, he gets to express his ideas in an entertaining and informative way, keeping things lively for readers.

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