Rosenthal and Iittala Gift Products

Rosenthal and Iittala Gift Products

Rosenthal porcelain was established in Bavaria in 1879 by Philip Rosenthal. However, when his son Philip Rosenthal Jnr took over in the 1950’s the direction of Rosenthal was set on an entirely different path to become what we know it today stylish, sophisticated and các mẫu lục bình gỗ tphcm bình gỗ đẹp avantgarde. Scandinavian designers including Bjorn Wiinblad, Timo Sarpaneva, Tapio Wirkkala, Piero Fornasetti and Henry Moore amongst others were brought in to create fabulous new shapes and designs and in 1961 the now famous Studio-Line range was launched.

  Thomas Porcelain, founded in 1903 but taken over by Rosenthal in 1908, bore it’s own backstamp making no mention of it’s Rosenthal connection but was equally stylish and cutting-edge. With many and varied ranges of tablewear also using leading designers Thomas stamped porcelain is equally collectable and sought after today. We intend to bring the best of both Rosenthal and Thomas porcelain to our customers from sophisticated, stylish and avantgarde to funky, flower-power and downright psychedelic they’ve manufactured a design for everyone and it all sits very comfortably here in Pips Trip.

  An extensive set of glasses reflecting the thousands of hours spent perfecting the glass blowing technique required to produce the effect. The forms imitate nature and gradually change as the molten glass burns the surface of the wooden moulds. This distinctive classic from the 1960s contributed to Iittala’s international breakthrough. Ultima Thule crystallizes the distinct expressive power of Finnish glass.   Alvar Aalto, won a competition held in 1936 for the Paris World Exhibition.

Since then, the Aalto vase has become perhaps the world’s most famous glass object and, in the opinion of many people, an icon of the 20th century. Classic Finnish designs rich in the tradition of 20th Century Scandinavia.This blazing line of tableware is both multi-functional and timeless. Iittala embodies every day living as it takes inspiration from the every day activities in the kitchen, at the table and even in the living room. The colors, Cách đặt lục bình gỗ tphcm bình gỗ trong nhà style and nature of Iittala will add warmth to your home.

Iittala glassware, decorative objects, kitchenware and tableware are both durable and attractive making it the perfect companion for your home. Please purchase on online website  

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