Access Your Computer Using Face Recognition Login

Access Your Computer Using Face Recognition Login

Have you ever thought about accessing your computer simply by looking at it? Using face recognition login technology, you can reliably, securely and 우리카지노계열 quickly access your user account just by looking at the webcam for a second. This is not just a fun gadget to have however. Using face recognition login software, accessing your computer is much harder to circumvent. No one can hack into your computer and you can enjoy the best security available. It is also more convenient since simply looking at the webcam for a second is much quicker than typing in long passwords. Unlike other biometric login solutions, it is also not intrusive.

Many people do not like fingerprint scanning for example. Other solutions such as iris scanning are exclusively used in places like airports since the software and hardware is prohibitively expensive and not available for home use. One such solution for face recognition login is called Luxand Blink! Pro, a reliable and powerful piece of software that does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. Having gone through a number of tests to reach industry standards, 크레이지슬롯주소 this software is powerful and reliable. It works under varying conditions as well, which is essential for 카지노사이트 its reliability. Once you have set it up and it has a photo of your face in its database, you are ready to use it whenever you want to log into your computer. It doesn’t matter whether it is day or night, since lighting conditions do not cause any problems for it. The sophisticated face recognition algorithms automatically adjust for different lighting conditions. This makes login possible whatever type of lighting is in the room. Equally important is the ability of the software to recognize your face even if you have a new haircut, different fashion accessories, contact lenses or glasses.

The software certainly won’t stop recognizing you just because of changes like this. The software can adjust to changes in your physical appearance while still remaining extremely secure and 크레이지 virtually impossible to circumvent. This feature also applies to make up, facial hair and 바카라사이트 pretty much anything else that might modify the appearance of your face. One of the greatest advantages of this solution is its improved security. No longer do you have to write or rely on long and complex passwords. You can simply sign into your account by looking at the web camera. You don’t have to worry about any irritating false positives or delays in the authorization process. The Pro version will also block access to the computer automatically when the user is not in front of the camera for a certain amount of time.

Stolen passwords are much less of an issue if you are using software like this. This face recognition login software also records time stamps and photographs every time a user logs in. This means you can identify a hijacked accounts and find out if anyone tried to login using stolen credentials. This solution is available in both the trial version and a full, Pro version. It works with Windows Vista and Windows 7, both 32 and 64 bit systems. To find out more and download a trial version, visit .

Adam Taylor uses face recognition login software in his company to avoid having staff using long and complex passwords which they often end up forgetting.

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